Véronique Sunatori and/et Alejandro Aguilar Canela

Du 23 août au 14 septembre / August 23rd to September 14th

Vernissage le vendredi 23 août à 17h / Opening Friday August 23rd at 5pm

155 Place Sainte Famille, Montreal

Acessible pour tous / Street level accessible

(French follows)

TAP is proud to present a two-person exhibition, Veronique Sunatori and Alejandro Aguilar Canela.

In <Where The Forest Ends> artists Veronique Sunatori and Alejandro Aguilar Canela share candidly their investigations on their roots, and roots in this context should be read as the foundational element from where attitudes, emotions, thoughts and feelings are originated from. In Alejandro’s work, the presence of a relentless need to explore what he calls uncomfortable feelings is brought forth through imagery (language). His drawings reference situations and questions that are most present in his day-to-day psyche, through these actions he gives form to the abstract and develops a language for the intangible. In a parallel sensibility, Veronique uses 3D objects as a handle to explore elements of her past, where the Japanese culture plays a very important role in her understanding of the self. Combining her interest in materials and the concept of the resilience observed specifically in plants, she has developed a body of work that becomes a gust of fresh air in times of global social and political anxiety.

Veronique Sunatori lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Alejandro Aguilar lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.



TAP est fier de présenter une exposition de deux artistes, Véronique Sunatori et Alejandro Aguilar Canela.

Dans « Where The Forest Ends », les artistes Véronique Sunatori et Alejandro Aguilar Canela partagent leurs recherches sur leurs racines. Dans ce contexte, les racines doivent être interprétées en tant qu’élément fondamental à l’origine des attitudes, des émotions, des pensées et des sentiments. Dans le travail d’Alejandro, la présence d’un besoin implacable d’explorer ce qu’il appelle « des sentiments inconfortables » est mise en avant à travers l’imagerie (langage). Ses dessins font référence à des situations et des questions qui sont les plus présentes dans sa psyché quotidienne. À travers ses actions, il donne forme à l’abstrait et développe un langage pour l’intangible. Dans une sensibilité parallèle, Véronique utilise des objets 3D en tant que poignée pour explorer des éléments de son passé, où la culture japonaise joue un rôle très important dans sa compréhension de l’être. En combinant son intérêt pour les matériaux et le concept de résilience, observé spécifiquement dans les plantes, elle a développé un corpus de travail qui devient une bouffée d’air frais en période d’anxiété sociale et politique mondialement.

Véronique Sunatori vit et travaille à Toronto, Canada. Alejandro Aguilar Canela vit et travaille à Mexico, Mexique.

Stages of entrapment

I want silence, since I haven’t been able to escape the sight of that spiral coming towards me, eternal. As my hands end where they have always ended, and my eyes see as far as they always have seen, I wonder if this happens also to the soul within. Will it ever expand beyond what it is now? Or will it just change in the same place, with the same limitations?
I wish, sometimes, for my flesh to get ripped apart by the garden I feel inside, I wish, sometimes, an ocean could pour through my eyes, I wish, sometimes, I could breathe underwater, I wish, sometimes, I wasn’t tired of building fences.
As I try to follow a straight line instead of a circle, it becomes clear that what we fear is not the future, but re-living the past, again and again.
I want silence, since I’ve been trying to understand the beauty in the act of being still. It is definitely further away than the length of our feet.
Maybe if I cry a little, sometimes, I will slip into it.
Maybe, if I stay really quiet, I will hear it.
Maybe, if I strongly close my eyes, and then open them, light will be brighter.
I want silence. I want out.
I need to keep carving this rock from the inside.

Alejandro Aguilar Canela