Group Show


July 8th to 10th (2017)


TAP-1 was a project accomplished in July of 2017. It was organized by Marx Ruiz-Wilson with great help from Audrey Anne-Morin, Jonathan Jimenez, David Jaime Ruiz, Victor Garibay, Marcela Borquez, Morgane Clémént-Gagnon and all the artists listed below. The project was held in the basement of an apartments complex which is located in the limits between Milton-Parc and the Plateau area in Montreal, Canada.

The acronym title of the show “TAP” makes reference to a theory in evolutionary biology called The Adjacent Possible. In this theory the main argument is that by recombining existent data, materials, variables, etc. the limits of a given system expand and this phenomena repeats again and again giving access to new possibilities.

I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in this project for their trust, hard work and time spent in making it a reality.

Marx Ruiz-Wilson, 2018

Artists List TAP-1